Perfect Match Meeting ~To the Entrance of a New World~

The beginning of you and Eyes begins at this moment of your first fateful encounter.

We are equal to each other, understand each other,

live together so that you can stay like yourself.

Let’s make a new start that inspires our lives.

What is commonly called a company briefing is called a “Perfect Match Meeting” in Eyes.

Why are you calling me like this……

It’s not just an ordinary company description, but it’s an equal relationship with each other as a person.

It’s because Eyes values meeting customers and other employees who work hard together,

and that’s why he thinks that’s where the story of his life starts.

Would you like to stand with us at a nice starting point that leads to a new step?

There is no schedule for the company information session for new graduates this year as the number of applicants has reached the limit.

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